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Poimin mukaan myös edelliseen osaan väärällä formaatilla laitetut yli 40 merkkiä pitkät, joita poimintaskripti ei löydä. Mielellään jatkossa oikealla formaatilla.

Olen aika varma, että tämä on maailman kattavin pitkien biisinnimien kokoelma.
2. Eki1.7.2016 klo 23:15
3. Jukkis1.7.2016 klo 23:16
And by Our Own Hand Did Every Last Bird Lie Silent in Their Puddles, the Air Barren of Song as the Clouds Drifted Away. For Killing Their Greatest Enemy, the Locusts Noisily Thanked Us and Turned Their Jaws Toward Our Crops, Swallowing Our Greed Whole. [Red Sparowes, 252]
Finally, as That Blazing Sun Shone Down Upon Us, Did We Know That True Enemy Was the Voice of Blind Idolatry; and Only Then Did We Begin to Think for Ourselves. [Red Sparowes, 160]
Like the Howling Glory of the Darkest Winds, This Voice Was Thunderous and the Words Holy, Tangling Their Way Around Our Hearts and Clutching Our Innocent Awe. [Red Sparowes, 159]
We Stood Transfixed in Blank Devotion as Our Leader Spoke to Us, Looking Down on Our Mute Faces with a Great, Raging, and Unseeing Eye. [Red Sparowes, 135]
The Great Leap Forward Poured Down Upon Us One Day Like a Mighty Storm, Suddenly and Furiously Blinding Our Senses. [Red Sparowes, 115]
'Annihilate the Sparrow, That Stealer of Seed, and Our Harvests Will Abound; We Will Watch Our Wealth Flood In.' [Red Sparowes, 112]
The Sixth Extinction Crept Up Slowly, Like Sunlight Through the Shutters, as We Looked Back in Regret [Red Sparowes, 101]
Millions Starved and We Became Skinnier and Skinnier, While Our Leaders Became Fatter and Fatter. [Red Sparowes, 97]
A Message of Avarice Rained Down and Carried Us Away into False Dreams of Endless Riches. [Red Sparowes, 89]
Mechanical Sounds Cascaded Through the City Walls and Everyone Reveled in Their Ignorance [Red Sparowes, 89]
Buildings Began to Stretch Wide Across the Sky, And the Air Filled with a Reddish Glow [Red Sparowes, 86]
A Brief Moment of Clarity Broke Through the Deafening Hum, But It Was Too Late [Red Sparowes, 78]
Alone and Unaware, the Landscape was Transformed in Front of Our Eyes [Red Sparowes, 69]
The Soundless Dawn Came Alive as Cities Began to Mark the Horizon [Red Sparowes, 65]
Our Happiest Days Slowly Began to Turn into Dust [Red Sparowes, 48]
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Laitan tähän itselleni muistilapun, että lisäsin nuo edellisetkin koosteeseen.

Jos Eki haluat 2. osaan laittamasi alle 40-merkkiset Waylon Jenningsit mukaan koosteeseen, laita ne tähän oikeassa formaatissa.
5. Eki2.7.2016 klo 00:07
There Ain't No Good Chain Gang [Waylon Jennings, 30]
I Could Write a Book About You [Waylon Jennings, 30]
You're Not the Same Sweet Baby [Waylon Jennings & Jessi Colter, 30]
Yoyos, Bozos, Bimbos and Heroes [Waylon Jennings, 31]
Listen, They're Playing My Song [Waylon Jennings, 31]
Guitars That Won't Stay in Tune [Waylon Jennings, 31]
Put Me on a Train Back to Texas [Waylon Jennings, 31]
True Love Travels a Gravel Road [Waylon Jennings, 31]
How Much Rain Can One Man Stand [Waylon Jennings, 31]
Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line [Waylon Jennings, 32]
I Wonder Just Where I Went Wrong [Waylon Jennings, 32]
May I Borrow Some Sugar from You [Waylon Jennings, 32]
It's Not Supposed to Be That Way [Waylon and Willie, 32]
If You Really Want Me to, I'll Go [Waylon Jennings, 33]
Baby, Don't Be Looking in My Mind [Waylon Jennings, 33]
Woman, Don't You Ever Laugh at Me [Waylon Jennings, 33]
You Deserve the Stars in My Crown [Waylon Jennings, 33]
If Ole Hank Could Only See Us Now [Waylon Jennings, 33]
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys [Waylon Jennings, 34]
A Love Song (I Can't Sing Anymore) [Waylon Jennings, 34]
I've Been Needing Someone Like You [Waylon Jennings, 34]
Somewhere Between Ragged and Right [Waylon Jennings, 34]
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way [Waylon Jennings, 34]
Born and Raised in Black and White [Highwaymen, 34]
(That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me [Waylon Jennings, 35]
Old Church Hymns and Nursery Rhymes [Waylon Jennings, 35]
Last Dance & The Kentucky Racehorse [Waylon Jennings, 35]
Union Mare and the Confederate Grey [Waylon Jennings, 35]
(That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me [Waylon Jennings, 35]
You Showed Me Somethin' About Lovin' [Waylon Jennings, 36]
Looking at a Heart That Needs a Home [Waylon Jennings, ]36
How Much Is It Worth to Live in L.A. [Waylon Jennings, 36]
(Don't Let the Sun Set on You) Tulsa [Waylon Jennings, 36]
I Know About Me Don't Know About You [Waylon Jennings, 36]
How Much Is It Worth to Live in L.A. [Waylon Jennings, 36]
The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over [Highwaymen, 36]
Which Way Do I Go (Now That I'm Gone) [Waylon Jennings, 37]
You'll Never Take the Texas Out of Me [Waylon Jennings, 37]
Which Way Do I Go (Now That I'm Gone) [Waylon Jennings, 37]
High Time (You Quit Your Lowdown Ways) [Waylon Jennings, 38]
I May Be Used (But Baby I Ain't Used Up) [Waylon Jennings, 40]
It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels [Waylon Jennings, 40]
I'm Gonna Leave (While I Still Love You) [Waylon Jennings, 40]
I'm Living Proof (There's Life After You) [Waylon Jennings, 41]
I'll Always Love You (in My Own Crazy Way) [Cash & Jennings, 42]
Would You Lay with Me (in a Field of Stone) [Waylon Jennings, 43]
I Can't Help the Way I Don't Feel About You [Waylon Jennings, 43]
Let's All Help the Cowboys (Sing the Blues) [Waylon Jennings, 43]
Useless (The Little Horse That Didn't Crow) [Waylon Jennings, 43]
Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love) [Waylon Jennings, 46]
No One Would Believe a Summer Could Be So Cold [Joh Dillon, 46]
The Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want to Get Over You) [Waylon Jennings, 50]
Mam(m)as Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys [Waylon & Willie, 49/50]
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) [Waylon Jennings, 53]
Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out of Hand [Waylon Jennings, 54]
This is Getting Funny (But There Ain't Nobody Laughing) [Waylon Jennings, 55]
Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) [Waylon Jennings, 56]
(We Made It as Lovers) We Just Couldn't Make It as Friends [Waylon Jennings, 58]
I've Been a Long Time Leaving (But I'll Be a Long Time Gone) [Waylon Jennings, 60]
6. Eki27.7.2016 klo 15:51
Lightning Fires, Burning Sorrows [Staff Carpenborg And The Electric Corona, 32]
All Men Shall Be Brothers Of Ludwig [Staff Carpenborg And The Electric Corona, 35]
The Every Day's Way Down To The Suburbs [Staff Carpenborg And The Electric Corona, 39]
Shummy Poor Clessford Idea In Troody Taprest Noodles [Staff Carpenborg And The Electric Corona, 52]
7. Jukkis11.8.2016 klo 15:41
Jamsession the Finnish Yes Federation’s Skinheaded Board [Jukka Hauru, 56]
8. Jukkis11.10.2016 klo 18:19
Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief [Radiohead, 63]
9. Jukkis2.3.2017 klo 14:09
Kiinalaisen ravintolan outo röökialttari [Hemmo Raunio, 40]
10. Eki3.3.2017 klo 19:02
By The Suns Of Warvan, You Shall Be Avenged [Blindstone, 43]
11. Jukkis4.3.2017 klo 16:36
...ja keskipäivän jälkeen varjot pitenevät metsässä [Ville Leinonen, 51]
12. Jukkis19.3.2017 klo 19:57
Through The Haze Of Our National Anthems [Rubik, 40]
13. Eki26.3.2017 klo 22:28
Doesn’t the Moon Look Good Tonight [Mink Mussel Creek, 34]
Don't Look At The Sun Or You'll Go Blind [Pond, 40]
14. Eki14.4.2017 klo 14:37
Angela Baker and My Obsession With Fire [Senses Fail, 39]
All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues [Senses Fail, 38]
The Importance of the Moment of Death [Senses Fail, 37]
Rum Is for Drinking, Not for Burning [Senses Fail, 36]
Between the Mountains and the Sea [Senses Fail, 33]
15. Eki22.4.2017 klo 14:58
Lack of a greater possible memory [Once Upon A Winter, 31]
Every Failed Attempt Leaves Less and Less [Cathedral Ring, 39]
Selective depression in chase of the Big Bang [Once Upon A Winter, 43]
The stars may be dead, but we're here and we've stopped the time [Once Upon A Winter, 61]
16. Jukkis8.6.2017 klo 19:16
Creativalizationistizm Unhinged::1234.. Testing [NYZ, 47]
17. Jukkis8.6.2017 klo 19:20
Varokaa miestä jonka nimi on Twist Twist [Shöcking Blü, 40]
18. Jukkis2.8.2017 klo 15:13
If the Dogs Don't Get You, My Sisters Will [Echobelly, 42]
19. Jukkis14.8.2017 klo 22:47
When You Let Your Hair Down To Your Shoulder [Will Stratton, 44]
20. Jukkis15.8.2017 klo 20:16
A Dull Today is Darker Yesterday's Bright Tomorrow [of Arrowe Hill, 50]
21. Jukkis17.8.2017 klo 09:51
Creativalizationistizm Unhinged::1234.. Testing [NYZ, 47]
Creativalizationistizm Unhinged::A Critical Biography [NYZ, 53]
Creativalizationistizm Unhinged::We Will Rebuild Your Life [NYZ, 58]
22. Jukkis17.8.2017 klo 15:46
Eleanor and Harold Loved Their Child. Once... [Martin Hoogeboom, 45]
When Harold Comes Home - The Empty House [Martin Hoogeboom, 40]
Coda - Harold Must Give Himself Some Time [Martin Hoogeboom, 41]
23. Jukkis17.8.2017 klo 15:55
Der Todesmonolog (Gerät dem ausgespaceten Weltkenner doch noch versöhnlich) [Der Plan, 75]
Schönheit der Macht (Monolog der Herrschers) [Der Plan, 44]
24. Jukkis18.8.2017 klo 11:22
Wenn es zu schön ist um wahr zu sein, dann ist es nicht wahr [Nicoffeine, 60]
There Are Pipes Everywhere Under Your Ground [Peter Kutin, 44]
Bonnie Sweet Robin is to the Greenwood Gone [Dead Rat Orchestra, 43]
Interrogation of the Crystalline Sublime [Giulio Aldinucci, 40]
25. Eki18.8.2017 klo 14:04
I Want The World... And Everything In It [Battle Beast, 41]

(Vaihdoin itsestäni kuvanägalleriaan tämän bändin paita päällä)
26. Jukkis23.8.2017 klo 12:16
A Naked Man Is Crouching At A Fireplace Burning Money (The Bag Of Money Covers His Genitalia) [IMBd, 93]
27. Jukkis30.9.2017 klo 17:51
If We Never Meet Again This Side Of Heaven [Charlie Louvin, 42]
28. Jukkis30.9.2017 klo 21:45
Ocho Pomelos con Pimienta...Prestame un Mango, Pibe! [Anthony Phillips & Guillermo Cazenave, 52]
The Agent Mulder Never Resolves A Single Case [Anthony Phillips & Guillermo Cazenave, 45]
When the Apple Blossoms Bloom in the Windmills of Your Mind I'll Be Your Valentine [Emerson, Lake & Palmer, 82]
The Enemy God Dances with the Black Spirits [Emerson, Lake & Palmer, 43]
My Soul Was Lost, My Soul Was Lost, And No-One Saved Me [Jane Weaver, 55]
You're Not The Only Person That I Used To Know [Jane Weaver, 46]
Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Of My Heart [Jane Weaver, 43]
Your Time In This Life Is Just Temporary [Jane Weaver, 40]
The Sound Of Someone You Love Who's Going Away And It Doesn't Matter [Penguin Cafe Orchestra, 68]
I Know Something That's Gonna Break Your Heart [Sondre Lerche, 46]
29. Jukkis18.11.2017 klo 19:30
Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up On The Stage [Morrissey, 45]
30. Jukkis21.11.2017 klo 13:43
The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness (The National, 40]
31. Jukkis3.1.2018 klo 09:33
Let the Lifting up of My Hands Be an Evening Sacrifice [Kira Skov & Maria Faust, 54]
Public Execution Of The Sleeping Lotus Eater [Timo Kaukolampi, 44]
The Bottomless Well Of Forgotten Secrets [Timo Kaukolampi, 40]
32. Eki3.1.2018 klo 09:45
You Shouldn't Call The Doctor (If You Can't Afford The Bills) [Dr Feelgood, 61]
33. Jukkis14.1.2018 klo 16:30
Carving up the World Again... A Wall and Not a Fence [Robert Plant, 52]
Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night [Robert Plant, 47]
34. Jukkis10.2.2018 klo 17:35
Kusetan itseäni niinkuin tähänkin asti blues [Kaita Isäri Seppälä, 44]
35. Jukkis13.3.2018 klo 19:09
The Ship Which Travels On The Bottom Of The Sea [Pekka Airaksinen, 47]
There Are Rainbow Clouds On Top Of Our Heads [Pekka Airaksinen, 44]
36. Jukkis14.3.2018 klo 15:19
La fábula del hombre lobo y la mujer pantera [La Cabra Mecánica, 44]
37. Jukkis20.3.2018 klo 09:13
Kun lyhdyt illalla sytytetään, ne eivät sammu koskaan [Lau Nau, 53]
38. Jukkis20.3.2018 klo 18:18
När en röd ros slår ut doftar hela skogen [Eva Dahlgren, 41]
39. Jukkis16.3.2021 klo 09:20
Viestin 38 jälkeen laitetut täältä kadonneet biisit, jotka laitettiin 9.1.2020 klo 21:28 mennessä, ovat mukana koosteessa:

Kaikki 9.1.2020 klo 21:28 jälkeen laitetut ovat kadonneet. Niitä ei löydy myöskään säikeessä 9590 mainitusta
40. Jukkis13.6.2021 klo 17:25
Elvytetäänpä tätä. Kadonneet tulee takaisin jos ovat tullakseen.
Näitä on tullut viime aikoina kuunneltua:

Twilight Twilight, Nihil Nihil for Thomas Ligotti, who has seen the bloodbells shine [Current 93, 84]
The Mystical Body of Christ in Chorazaim (The Great in the Small) [Current 93, 65]
The Starres Are Marching Sadly Home (Theinmostlightthirdandfinal) [Current 93, 65]
Inerrant Infallible (Black Ships at Nineveh and Edom) [Current 93, 53]
Where the Long Shadows Fall (Beforetheinmostlight) [Current 93, 50]
They Return to Their Earth (for My Christ Thorn) [Current 93, 48]
In the Heart of the Wood and What I Found There [Current 93, 47]
The Great, Bloody and Bruised Veil of the World [Current 93, 47]
Suzanne: She and I in Darkness We Lay and Lie [Current 93, 45]
The Dissolution of the Boat Millions of Years [Current 93, 45]
Christ and the Pale Queens, Mighty in Sorrow [Current 93, 44]
A Song for Douglas After He's Dead (Rebirth) [Current 93, 44]
Whilst the Night Rejoices Profound and Still [Current 93, 44]
Moonlight, Or Other Dreams, Or Other Fields [Current 93, 43]
Christus Christus the Shells Have Cracked [Current 93, 41]
41. Jukkis13.9.2021 klo 11:18
Aurinko nousee ilman sua eli cadizilaisen lauluntekijän kolkko kohtalo tai Juan Perfumon lesken laulu [J. Karjalainen, 101]
42. Jukkis9.12.2021 klo 11:34
The goat's skull ain't no good for salivating K-head zombies [Shitmat, 60]
Aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoaluminosocupreovitrili oc [Shitmat, 52]
Theme from the 2004 Killababylonkutz Massacre [Shitmat, 45]
Henry's hardcore chickfest2001 tour T-Shirt [Shitmat, 43]
In a previous life I was an onion sandwich [Shitmat, 42]
43. riiu9.12.2021 klo 14:52
Eikö tätä vielä täällä ole?

The Siege and Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein's Castle at Weisseria (Blue Oyster Cult, 73)
44. Jukkis9.12.2021 klo 15:23
BÖC ollut jo aiemmin.
45. Jukkis11.12.2021 klo 15:06
John McCain’s Ghost Sneaks Into The White House And Tea Bags The President [The Muslims, 74]
46. Jukkis15.2.2022 klo 19:25
Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You [Big Thief, 41]
47. Jukkis3.3.2022 klo 10:05
Ask A So-Called Sage Who Speaks Only Plausible Excuses The Meaning Of The Volition "Further..." [Purple Trap, 95]
Decided ... Already The Motionless Heart Of Tranquility, Tangling The Prayer Called "I" [Purple Trap, 87]
Supposedly Generous Possessors Of Death Meet A Warning While Napping [Purple Trap, 68]
The Reassembling Place Of Dispersed Holy Murderous Thought [Purple Trap, 58]
I Already Know The Settlement Of Iridescent Happiness [Purple Trap, 53]
Only Half An Imitation Of Your Imitation Of Yourself [Purple Trap, 52]
I Can Hear A Scream...A Scream Resembling A Scream [Purple Trap, 50]
A Sudden Accident Protesting Production Methods [Purple Trap, 47]
Continuously Draw A Gentle Spiral... Red Death! [Purple Trap, 47]
Just Now Let Us Continue To Say Farewell [Purple Trap, 40]
48. Jukkis3.3.2022 klo 11:08
To the Bin My Friend, Tonight We Vacate Earth [Mogwai, 45]
49. Jukkis20.4.2022 klo 08:45
Suddenly, This Darkness Comes Over Your Face [Lau Nau, 44]
50. Jukkis29.4.2022 klo 17:55
Det skulle vara lätt för mig att säga att jag inte hittar hem men det gör jag; tror jag [bob hund, 87]
51. Jukkis3.6.2022 klo 12:09
A Simple Way to Go Faster Than Light That Does Not Work [Tortoise, 55]
In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men [Tortoise, 65]
52. Eki3.6.2022 klo 13:36
Why is There Never A Pontoon Plane When You Need One [HiSQ feat. Hannu Lepola, 52]
53. Jukkis30.6.2022 klo 13:31
Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky [Porridge Radio, 43]
54. Jukkis2.7.2022 klo 11:43
You told me you love running so I started to run too [AHO, 52]
If_Only_I_Could_Be_So_Grossly_Incandescent_ [AHO, 43]
55. Jukkis3.7.2022 klo 10:39
Beautiful as the Moon – Terrible as an Army with Banners [Henry Cow, 56]
56. Jukkis5.7.2022 klo 10:10
I've Been Carrying A Torch For You So Long That I Burned A Great Big Hole In My Heart [Nino Tempo & April Stevens, 85]
Ever See A Diver Kiss His Wife While The Bubbles Bounce About Above The Water? [Shirley Ellis, 78]
57. Jukkis24.8.2022 klo 15:40
You've Got Extra Added Power in Your Love [Chairmen of the Board, 41]
58. Eki3.9.2022 klo 17:55
Purple, Red, Green, Blue & Yellow [Electric Looking Glass, 33]
Waiting For You At The Train Station [Paul Lawrence Music, 36]
It Didn't Feel Like The End Of The World {Postindustrial Poets, 39]
The Dark Folk of Elm Park and Granville [The 'Over, 39]

(Samalla Spotifyn soittolistalla kuin numerossa 52 mainittu)
59. Eki23.9.2022 klo 17:48
Love is Her Hand on the End of a Gun [The Darren Holland Project, 36]
60. Jukkis23.10.2022 klo 18:46
Olet taivas, olet maa, olet kaikki mitä tarvitsen [Erno Lindahl, 49]
61. Jukkis29.10.2022 klo 14:38
Tout ne peut pas nécessairement donner quelque chose [Julien Gasc, 52]
62. Eki30.11.2022 klo 20:59
Come And Show Me All The World Around You [Rau Tamo, 36]
63. Jukkis30.11.2022 klo 21:11
Minusta kylläkin:

Come And Show Me All The World Around You [Rau Tamo, 41]
64. Jukkis30.11.2022 klo 21:14
Ja tuolla 3.9. olevissa

It Didn't Feel Like The End Of The World {Postindustrial Poets, 40]

Ei noilla sinänsä ole väliä, koska kun vien nämä koosteeseen, niin Excel kertoo oikeat pituudet siitä riippumatta mitä tänne on laitettu..
65. Eki30.11.2022 klo 21:19
Näinpä näyttää olevan. Pitää yrittää skarpata.
66. Jukkis1.12.2022 klo 10:19
Vaikka oma rajani tänne onkin 40, niin pakkohan tämäkin on tänne laittaa:

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [Julie Andrews & Dick van Dyke, 34]
67. Jukkis11.12.2022 klo 10:24
Pitihän tuota openai:n juuri nyt kovan hypen kohteena olevaa tekoälyä testata.

Ensin englanniksi: "Give me ten very long song titles." Pisin löytynyt oli "The Ballad of the Green Berets".

Uusi yritys: "Give me ten song titles with at least 40 characters in them." Ei yhtään edes 30-merkkistä.

Suomeksi: "Haluan nähdä erittäin pitkiä laulujen nimiä." Tuloksena kymmenen J. Karjalaisen laulua, pisin nimi 24 merkkiä.

"Mikä on pisin suomenkielinen laulun nimi?"
Vastaus: En ole varma, mutta uskallan veikata, että se on "Kuka muistaa Siperian suuren kalman" Taisto Tammisen kappaleesta "Taisto Tammisen tango". Tämä kappale ja sen nimi ovat olleet suosittuja vuosikymmeniä, joten se on hyvin mahdollista, että se on pisin suomenkielinen laulun nimi. On kuitenkin mahdollista, että joku muu laulu on nimeltään vielä pidempi. Ilman verkkoyhteyttä en pysty tarkistamaan tätä tietoa varmasti.

"What is the longest song name?"
Vastaus: It is difficult to determine the longest song name because song titles can vary in length and different sources may list the same song with slightly different titles. However, some of the longest song titles include "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, "A Day in the Life" by The Beatles, and "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. These titles are all quite long and could potentially be considered the longest, depending on how they are listed and formatted.

Eikä edes tähän osaa vastata: "Fairport Convention has a song with a very long title. What is the whole title of that song?"
Vastaus: Fairport Convention is a British folk rock band that has been active since the late 1960s. They have released a number of albums and singles over the years, and many of their songs have long and interesting titles. However, I am not able to browse the internet and verify information, so I cannot confirm whether they have a song with a particularly long title. I apologize if I am unable to provide the information you are looking for.


Ettäpä höh. Mutta vain toistaiseksi, vauvahan tuo vielä on. Ei ainakaan vielä korvaa maailman parhaana pitkien laulunnimien listaajana tätä paikkaa:
Mutta sitten jos joskus pääsee nettiin, niin ehkäpä löytää tuon ja varastaa sen sisällön.
68. Eki11.12.2022 klo 10:57
Onpas kökkö!

Put The Gun Down And Stop Shooting Your Sister [Erkki Vuokila feat. Mikko Mäkinen, 46]
69. Jukkis28.1.2023 klo 17:17
Hysterical Type Of Gaseous Abdominal Bloating [Sudden Infant, 45]
70. Jukkis31.1.2023 klo 10:12
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Karazzee (!!!, 49)
Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story) (!!!, 54)
71. Jukkis1.2.2023 klo 13:12
Ottaisko kirsikkatomaatteja vai tavallisia tomaatteja? [Ei kun sittenkin pinaattikeittoa, 54]
Ei vittu ois pitäny laittaa tätä paitaa vaan se sininen [Ei kun sittenkin pinaattikeittoa, 55]
72. Eki10.3.2023 klo 13:23
Falling off the Face of the Earth [Neil Young, 33]
Fallen off the Face of the Planet [Shy Face Troubadour, 33]
73. Jukkis13.3.2023 klo 09:33
I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife for You, Sugar [The United States of America, 43]
74. Jukkis29.3.2023 klo 18:37
Grandfather Please Stand on the Shoulders of My Father While He's Deep-Sea Fishing [Lana Del Ray, 82]
Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman like Me to Have – but I Have It [Lana Del Ray, 69]
God Bless America – and All the Beautiful Women in It [Lana Del Ray, 53]
Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd [Lana Del Ray, 51]
When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing [Lana Del Ray, 41]
75. Jukkis7.4.2023 klo 10:50
A Midnight Rain of Green Wrens at the World's Tallest Building [John Cale, 62]
The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace at Versailles [John Cale & Terry Riley, 47]
76. Jukkis10.4.2023 klo 12:14
I Ate 14gs Of Mushrooms And Bwoy Oh Bwoy [$ilk Money, 40]
One Glazed And One With The Jelly Filled Nucleus [$ilk Money, 48]
A Visit From The Giant Portal Wizard Snake [$ilk Money, 42]
77. Jukkis19.4.2023 klo 09:12
What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? [Emile Ford & The Checkmates, 46]
78. Jukkis26.6.2023 klo 09:38
How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? [Ry Cooder, 45]
79. Eki8.7.2023 klo 15:01
Do You Still Like Black and White Movies [Dawn Emily, 40]
80. Eki17.7.2023 klo 02:02
Under the Dancing Moon, Under the Singing Sky [Yulia, 45]
81. Jukkis25.7.2023 klo 10:45
Unohdin skuutin Kaikun pihaan ja menetin mun luottotiedot [Keidas, 57]
Näillä kilometreillä on aik vaikee näyttää androgyynilt [Keidas, 55]
Loppu tulee eikä meillä ole mitään paikkaa minne mennä [Keidas, 54]
82. Jukkis1.8.2023 klo 10:28
A Sweet Quasimodo Between Black Vampire Butterflies For Maybeck [Charlemagne Palestine, 63]
Strummmmminggg for Stringggggsss N Thingggggsss [Charlemagne Palestine, 47]
Yahhyahh Mmann Yohhyohh In Zinntervallszlandd [Charlemagne Palestine, 45]
Kkllangging Ffalssettto Ssllangging Ssonggg [Charlemagne Palestine, 43]
Fhittterringgg + Fflyyinggg Zzoptauesszzz [Charlemagne Palestine, 41]
83. Jukkis3.8.2023 klo 09:25
Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask [The Mothers of Invention, 55]
Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula [The Mothers of Invention, 46]
84. Jukkis20.8.2023 klo 16:05
Sweetheart Monkey Brain Heavy Metal Princess [Sir Liselot, 44]
85. Eki23.8.2023 klo 16:19
Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee Some More [HiSQ & Jessie Galante, 30]
86. Eki2.9.2023 klo 14:21
Viimeinen bussini aina ensimmäinen [Tanssiva karhu, 34]
87. Jukkis2.9.2023 klo 16:28
Lähden nyt, etten olisi liikaa tunkkaisessa [Tommi Liimatta, 43]
88. Jukkis12.9.2023 klo 16:06
Tommi Liimatan Diu Dau -kasettituotannon helmiä:

Fred Knives Auxparturin tuotanto vanhenee äkempää kuin Seksikääpiön tuotanto [Fred Knives Auxparturi, 76]
Vasemmalla puolella on kaikki, oikealla puolella ei oo mitään [Ahkerat simpanssit, 61]
Rentter-vintter-rötä-rentter-bentter-bintter-bee n [Ahkerat simpanssit, 49]
Vannevaiheen päätyttyä ei meren asiakkaaksi enää [Soft Eject, 48]
Lapin kaunein nainen kaunistui ja minä laihduin [Markku mallinukke, 47]
Suomen tunnetuin murha on Kyllikki Saaren murha [Huono omega, 47]
No vittu varmaan muistan kaikkia yksityiskohtia [Fred Knives Auxparturi, 47]
Erityisen hellästi suhtautuminen kivikirveeseen [Ahkerat simpanssit, 47]
Tätä kasettia ei tule kukaan koskaan kuulemaan [Fred Knives Auxparturi, 46]
Pikku Elviksen seikkailut viemäriputkistossa [The Fireballs, 44]
Ekkö sie kirjottanu isälles että me tullaan? [Ahkerat simpanssit, 44]
Carry your pregnant mum to upstairs, hurry [Arlanda, 42]
Bon Jovi ei pysty uhkaamaan Europen asemaa [Fred Knives Auxparturi, 42]
Tragedian perusainekset Riihimäen asemalla [Ahkerat simpanssit, 42]
Henkilökohtainen elämäni pähkinänkuoressa [Ahkerat simpanssit, 41]
Tutun ja tuntemattoman välissä on hiukset [Ahkerat simpanssit, 41]
Henkilökohtainen elämäni pähkinänkuoressa [Ahkerat simpanssit, 41]
Teemasävel elokuvasta "Vittu mie tiesin" [Kikkels bojat, 40]
Amerikkalaiset paskantavat yhä märkiksiä [Sockbandgrabb, 40]
Tykkääkö Rovaniemellä kukaan Doorssista? [Vesa, 40]
Maailman typerin ja regressiivisin blues [Fred Knives Auxparturi, 40]
89. Jukkis18.9.2023 klo 10:19
Lisää Tommi Liimatan Diu Dau -kasettituotannon helmiä:

kim-kimmo-ren-renki-reng-mikko-mika-sutuklik-borgi e-borg-reggei [Renki, 63]
Teemme lähtöä ja hieromme löysää munaa vilttiin kakkonen [Ahkerat simpanssit, 56]
Woodstockin päälavan miksaaja tilittää epäonnistumistaan [Ahkerat simpanssit, 56]
Tyhjän päällä nyt kun juuri mikään ei ole kesken [Ahkerat simpanssit, 48]
This time you are about to witness mieserotiikka [Ahkerat simpanssit, 48]
Kärjestä umpinaiset sandaalit ovat isäsandaalit [Ahkerat simpanssit, 47]
Aina simpanssien pittää näitä hiuksiakin kelata [Ahkerat simpanssit, 47]
Paistinpannubasso ja pulkan aiheuttama flanger [Ahkerat simpanssit, 46]
Song of Eva: I was made from the bones of you [Ahkerat simpanssit, 45]
Japanilaiset origami-animaatio-tunnusmelodiat [Ahkerat simpanssit, 45]
Rakastan edelleen sinua Äiti samalla tavalla [Ahkerat simpanssit, 44]
Liity nyt, se kannattaa, kynttilähän ei syty [Ahkerat simpanssit, 44]
Katkeraton Huppusääli Tour 1991 Do Ein Thing [Ahkerat simpanssit, 44]
Mitä neuvostokoululainen tietää lännestä [Ahkerat simpanssit, 40]
90. Jukkis20.9.2023 klo 09:04
A Heart-Warming And Beautiful Flower Will Eventually Wither Away And Become Dirt [Susumu Yokota, 80]
The Now Forgotten Gods Of Rocky Mountain Residing In The Back Of The North Wood [Susumu Yokota, 79]
The Scream Of A Sage Who Lost Freedom And Love Taken For Granted Before [Susumu Yokota, 71]
The Destiny For The Little Bird Trapped Inside A Small Cage For Life [Susumu Yokota, 68]
The Sin Of Almighty God, Respected And Believed By The Masses [Susumu Yokota, 61]
A Slowly Fainting Memory Of Love And Respect, And Hatred [Susumu Yokota, 56]
The Sacred Ceremony Concieved By Chance From An Evil Lie [Susumu Yokota, 56]
For The Other Self Who Is Far Away That I Can Not Reach [Susumu Yokota, 55]
The Loneliness Of Anarchic Beauty Archieved By My Ego [Susumu Yokota, 53]
A Song Produced While Floating Alone On Christmas Day [Susumu Yokota, 53]
The Things That I Need To Do For Just One's Love [Susumu Yokota, 48]
That Persons Hearsay Protects My Free Spirit [Susumu Yokota, 44]
91. Jukkis20.9.2023 klo 09:10
Perheenjäsen määrittelee (kotoisia esineitä käyttötarkoituksen mukaan ja suorittaa käytäntöön viittaavia yläkäsitemääritelmiä) [Absoluuttinen Nollapiste, 126]
Voiko lämmin kesäyö olla muuta kuin levoton? [Absoluuttinen Nollapiste, 44]
92. Jukkis22.9.2023 klo 10:54
Uin ja näin (eri tapaus kuin Foliosurmat) [Absoluuttinen Nollapiste, 41]
Liukuovet (kun patsas päätetään siirtää) [Absoluuttinen Nollapiste, 40]
93. Eki23.9.2023 klo 18:49
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out [Gloria Larrieu, 41]
94. Eki29.9.2023 klo 08:13
Synnyin siellä missä miehet juovat kaljaa [Markus Niemi, 40]
Veli seli seli sul on meri täynnä selityksii [Erakossa, 44]
95. Eki20.10.2023 klo 14:38
Muisto vain jää / Only a Fool Breaks His Own Heart [HiSQ & Terri and Norman Bergen, 50] LAK5uy_nsu89vfvmzbTHwZaKV50cv2huAQ7Tw2Ko&ab_channe l=HiSQ-Topic
96. Eki28.10.2023 klo 13:07
Ei onnistuttu tätä tyttöö tuhoomaan [Vilma Jää, 35]
97. Jukkis6.11.2023 klo 21:04
Sigmund Freud's Impersonation of Albert Einstein in America [Randy Newman, 59]
98. Jukkis20.11.2023 klo 10:18
That Night in Hawaii When I Turned into a Panther and Started Making These Low Register Purring Tones That I Couldn't Control ... Sh¥t Was Wild [André 3000, 143]
The Slang Word P(*)ssy Rolls Off the Tongue with Far Better Ease Than the Proper Word Vagina . Do You Agree? [André 3000, 108]
I swear, I Really Wanted to Make a 'Rap' Album but This Is Literally the Way the Wind Blew Me This Time [André 3000, 103]
Ghandi, Dalai Lama, Your Lord & Savior J.C. / Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy [André 3000, 88]
Dreams Once Buried Beneath the Dungeon Floor Slowly Sprout into Undying Gardens [André 3000, 79]
BuyPoloDisorder's Daughter Wears a 3000® Button Down Embroidered [André 3000, 64]
99. Jukkis6.12.2023 klo 14:40
Pysäköinti sallittu vain Tampereen kaupungin erikoisluvalla. [Verde, 60]
Valkoisella Mersulla lyömään golfpalloja joutsenia kohti. [Verde, 57]
Yhteiskuntakoneisto rakennettu kulutuksen varaan. [Verde, 49]
Tarvitsen kaikkia mainoksia tehkää niitä lisää. [Verde, 47]
Golfpelaajan harjoituskenttänä oli lintulahti. [Verde, 46]
Karhun epäillään paskantaneen golfkentälle. [Verde, 43]
100. Jukkis31.12.2023 klo 09:46
Please Come Back I Will Listen, I Will Behave, I Will Toe The Line [66, King Creosote]
101. Eki27.1.2024 klo 14:44
The Memory of What It Was and What Might Have Been [James Hemsley & David Taro, 50]
102. Jukkis27.1.2024 klo 16:54
Years Compressed Into Minutes Without Any Concept Of Self [Nicholas Szczepanik, 57]
103. Jukkis16.2.2024 klo 08:59
Great Body of the Riddle or Where Were the Dodge Boys When My Clay Started to Slide [Air, 83]
104. Jukkis19.2.2024 klo 10:58
Julian Cope -kuunteluviikot menossa täällä päin:

The Death Of The Motherculture At Mona Mam Gymru The Wailing Shamanic Fury Of The Hoeurs And Druids And The Coming Of The Romans [L.A.M.F., 128]
All the Blowing-Themselves-Up Motherfuckers (Will Realise the Minute They Die That They Were Suckers) [Julian Cope, 101]
Geoff, Voller Tapferkeit, Aber Leer Von Magen, Betritt Die Grosse Küche Der Unterwelt Odin [Julian Cope, 90]
You Can Gaol The Revolutionary, But You Cannot Gaol The Revolution [Black Sheep, 66]
She's Got A Ring On Her Finger (& Another One Through Her Nose) [Julian Cope, 63]
When All You Got is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail [Julian Cope, 58]
Avebury - The Arranged Marriage Of Heaven And Earth [Queen Elizabeth, 51]
Hanging Out With Emma Jane When Emma Jane's A Junkie [Julian Cope, 52]
Due to Lack of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled [Julian Cope, 52]
James Naylor Enters Bristol On A Donkey; 1656 [Julian Cope, 45]
Stop Harping on About the Way Life Used to Be [Julian Cope, 45]
I'm Living in the Room They Found Saddam In [Julian Cope, 43]
The Indians Worship Him, But He Hurries On [Julian Cope & Donald Ross Skinner, 42]
Dance By The Light of the Bridges You Burn [Julian Cope, 42]
Don't Drink & Drive (You Might Spill Some) [Julian Cope, 42]
No How, No Why, No Way, No Where, No When [Julian Cope, 41]
Window Shopping For A New Crown Of Thorns [The Teardrop Explodes, 41]
They Gotta Different Way Of Doing Things [Julian Cope, 40]
105. Jukkis25.2.2024 klo 16:54
You’re Going to Be Fine and I’m Going to Hell [Grandaddy, 45]
106. Jukkis27.2.2024 klo 17:18
Satans Helpers, Warlazer Eyes & the Money Pig Circus [Sami Yaffa, 52]
107. Jukkis1.3.2024 klo 20:51
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo [Charles Coburn, 41]
108. Jukkis30.4.2024 klo 09:46
4-Indolol, 3-[2-(Dimethylamino)Ethyl], Phosphate Ester: (Psilocybin) [Coil, 68]
Red Birds Will Fly Out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night [Coil, 63]
2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Ethyl-Amphetamine: (DOET/Hecate) [Coil, 48]
5-Methoxy-N,N-Dimethyltryptamine: (5-MeO-DMT) [Coil, 45]
The First Five Minutes After Violent Death [Coil, 42]
109. Eki1.5.2024 klo 15:48
Come again, sweet love doth now invite [Amarcord & John Dowland, 38]
Antiphona Super Nunc Dimittis "Da Pacem Domine" [Amarcord & Johann Walter, 47]
Tutti i madrigali a quattro voci, R 2513, Libro I: No. 8, Ancor che col partire [Amarcord & Cipriano de Rore, 78]
110. riiu2.5.2024 klo 15:53
The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner [Iron Maiden, 42]
Afraid to Shoot into the Eyes of a Stranger in a Strange Land [Nanowar of Steel, 61]
111. Eki10.5.2024 klo 16:49
(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi [5MIINUST & Puuluup, 50]

(Viron euroviisu, sanoivat kaikkien aikojen pisimmäksi viisun nimeksi)
112. Jukkis14.5.2024 klo 10:36
Things I've Been Telling Myself for Years [Elbow, 41]

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